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Virtual Offerings for Extraordinary Times

"My sciatica was bothering me every day until I did the neurovascular release and roller work online with Dulcey. Now I'm able to exercise and drive more easily and have much less pain overall. The roller work helped relieve nerve pain and numbness in my arm. I'm also able to use some of her self-care tools to help myself when minor things crop up."   --B.V., teacher/tutor, Broomfield CO

During these extraordinary times, people may be experiencing more stress and discomfort in their bodies than ever, yet in-person bodywork can pose risks to some groups. The good news is that there are online solutions to the urgent need for realignment and balancing our systems. Guided or facilitated movement can actually be as effective as in-person work—and sometimes even more effective depending on which systems are holding in the body. Throughout the pandemic I have been working with clients virtually with multiple modalities described below to reduce pain, re-establish balance, and grow resilience. Contact me to learn more about these approaches--including virtual Rolfing sessions!


Neurovascular Release

Enjoy more ease in your neck and spine, and relaxation throughout the nervous system, with neurovascular release (NVR). This cutting-edge approach bridges the deeper work of Rolfing structural integration, and the lighter touch of craniosacral and osteopathic touch. NVR is ideal for online facilitated bodywork. I guide you through some simple hand contacts and movement that provide gentle lengthening of the nerves and blood vessels that your body has been protecting. This naturally allows your body to reorganize and feel more calm, balanced and open. NVR is designed to help people with tight feelings created by an overload of stress and screen time. It’s also great for releasing stuck areas from old injuries. This work is very relaxing and engaging--which is sorely needed these days! I also provide self-care techniques in NVR sessions.


Relief through Rolling (RTR)

This advanced foam roller program is based on structural integration techniques and is used by NCAA championship teams, rehabilitative PTs with fragile clients, and Pilates and yoga instructors. Unlike most roller approaches, RTR is designed to work with your body's fascial system. It provides many benefits of myofascial hands-on techniques but can be done in your own home via virtual lessons. RTR can help anyone seeking to realign and rebalance the muscular system. For example, it provides support to desk workers, athletes, and those recovering from injury or surgery. It’s a helpful complement to NVR, and an intuitive, fun way to add to your self-care toolbox.


Virtual Rolfing Sessions

Yes, you can do a ten-series virtually! With the assistance of a foam roller, tennis balls, a sturdy chair and a yoga mat, I am guiding people through the life-changing classic Rolfing transformation. I am also taking experienced clients through post-10 work. Contact me to learn more.





"Wow! Now I have the walk of a much younger person."--KH, health professional, Brooklyn, NY


"My neck is less stiff, much easier to turn, I’m more relaxed and sleeping much better."—LS, professional coach, Boulder CO


"That's cool, I couldn't really turn my spine easily before, and I'm more grounded."—S.A., teacher, Bellevue, WA


"Dulcey helped me tremendously. I arrived at the first session with one shoulder far higher than the other, endless neck and feet pain as well as pelvic issues (interstitial cystitis). Dulcey helped me slowly to integrate my parts into a greater whole and very quickly helped me to straighten my walk, reduce pain and develop a better sense of what my body is trying to communicate. I continue to be grateful for her gentle and empathetic approach to helping me visualize a greater range of flexibility in body and mind."—Sara, artist, New Mexico

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