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Functional Health Coaching: How It Can Help You Live a Vital, Purpose-full Life


Why is meeting health goals so hard? Because changing habits and daily routines is hard too!


Up to 85% of chronic illnesses are stress- and lifestyle-dependent: Our behaviors drive them. Without a clear plan—and without powerful motivation and accountability--changing habits seems daunting. Even with a diagnosis of chronic illness, or clear evidence that stress is causing serious harm, it can be hard to know where to start. This is where health coaching can help.


As a graduate of the Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary Medicine, I partner with people from all walks of life for their personal wellness transformations. Through asking powerful questions, I will help you uncover core values, strengths, and motivations for change—we will help unearth your “powerful WHY.” Together we will explore some of the common barriers, unhelpful thoughts (like the “inner critic”) and life events that might get in the way, and make plans to overcome them.


You’ll take small, sustainable steps every week toward your goals, with me to provide both support and occasional challenges to help you move toward your optimal life. My clients report they have:

  • Improved vitality and more energy

  • Better mobility and enjoyment of physical activities

  • Easier sleep

  • More resiliency and calm

  • Healthier boundaries

  • More tools for handling their inevitable rough patches, and

  • A new appreciation for their life’s potential.


Coaching topics can include weight, nutrition, sleep, stress and more—but it’s really driven by your core values and motivations, and designing changes to align your behaviors with that bigger vision.


I’m confident you can change, because I have too.

I believe wholeheartedly that striking a balance between what the world asks of you and what you need for yourself is possible, because I was able to do it. After a work-driven burnout, traumatic injuries and major transitions combined in midlife, everything was difficult. Digestion, sleep, stress management and chronic pain made every day a struggle. Then through coaching within functional medicine, I found my guiding motivation, and designed a more balanced vision of wellness. Key behavior changes and fresh thinking enabled me to discover what I needed to thrive, not just to get by. I’m confident you can also transform your health and quality of life; this path is easier when you partner with someone who has walked there before.


Charting Your Path

Consider how you would answer these questions today:


  • Have you given everything to your job or family--or an aging parent—and kept nothing for yourself?

  • How are you coping with your body’s different needs as you age?

  • Has your life been turned upside down by hormonal transitions, injury, or a diagnosis?

  • Have you been wanting to create healthier habits that would support you better, but you don’t know where to start?


If those questions above got you thinking, and you’re experiencing fatigue, brain fog, lack of vitality, weight gain, stress overload or a general desire for a “re-boot”, coaching can help. Our behavioral focus unearths where you want to go, what matters to you, what might be getting in the way, and what strategies will serve you best. And my functional health training in ancestral nutrition and stress management, along with my deep movement expertise as a Rolfer, provide additional tools to support you on your path.


Schedule With Me

Contact me to schedule a complimentary 45-minute informational session. We’ll go over how coaching works, discuss your health goals, and see if we’re a good fit. Coaching is a completely confidential service and can be 100% virtual. I look forward to hearing from you at or 303-916-5487.

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