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About Dulcey

I am a graduate of the Rolf® Institute for Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado, and continue to study movement education as well as psychological and anatomical approaches that suppport the ability of Rolfing® to heal. I am in private practice in North Denver, Colorado serving the entire Denver-Boulder corridor including Westminster, Broomfield, Thornton and Arvada. I also practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

My prior experiences include achieving a PhD in Political Science and a Master’s in Resource Policy at the University of Michigan. I developed energy, water, air and habitat policies and programs for over 15 years. Understanding that “sustainability” truly starts with attaining balance at the human level, my interests led me to deep study of the martial art of aikido, in which I hold the rank of 3rd Dan. I have also studied other embodiment practices including Iyengar yoga, and have taken mindfulness and Zen meditation retreats in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Ann Arbor and Seattle. My background also includes playing highly competitive soccer at the state and regional levels, as well as the collegiate level where I was an Academic All-American.

I understand the demands of performance athletics, the challenges of high-stress work environments, and the anxieties and pain of sudden traumas and life transitions. In working through my own injuries, painful patterns and traumas I was fortunate enough to discover Rolfing and find more authentic movement and balance in my life, and decided to share those benefits with others.

What draws me to the Rolfing process is how clients move through pain or limitation—physical, mental, or emotional—and come back home to their bodies. I look forward to supporting you on your journey toward health and wholeness.

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