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Caregiver Coaching Support Groups

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Seeking support on the challenging journey of caregiving for elders?

These online groups are designed to create community and connection for you on your caregiving journey. Working with age-related cognitive challenges, dementia, and the myriad family dynamics and financial/social issues that arise can be draining, isolating and grueling work. A group support environment can help you stay grounded and pursue an enriching path:

  • Gather useful information on caregiving from others on this journey

  • Create space for your own needs and make concrete, near-term strategies to start getting them fulfilled

  • Validate your experiences and strong, sometimes conflicting emotions

  • Make the journey more sustainable for your health and wellbeing.

Real-World Issues, Practical Results

"This group really helped me with accountability for having difficult conversations around the estate, family concerns, and even the dying process that I would have put off otherwise. These conversations also became easier to have over time, which surprised me! It was like 'exposure therapy' for clarifying my values to others, and staying on top of challenging issues through this caregiver process. Too many people don't do this until it's too late and then have regrets. Now our entire family is communicating at some level about the situation instead of staying in their own corners. This experience was a blessing."    

--Jean S., retired programmer/project manager

I'm Dulcey, a certified functional health and wellness coach, and I’m also a caregiver to a parent with dementia. I have over six years of group experience, including dealing with severe disease states, nutrition, obesity, family dynamics, aging, workplace stress, and burnout in women/menopausal transitions.

I designed these online groups to provide the much-needed space for caregivers to voice their concerns, needs and desires, and to help caregivers become skilled at self-care as well as elder care—they don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

These recurring six-session online groups are designed to help you become grounded and cultivate vitality, balance and presence for an enriching life; individual coaching is also available. Contact me for more information about this group and other offerings. If there is a time conflict, let’s discuss options. I look forward to hearing from you!

Now enrolling new members for both daytime and late day/evening groups this spring. Contact me to learn more!

Dulcey Simpkins, PhD

Certified Functional Health/Wellness Coach A-CFHC


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