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"After a double mastectomy, radiation therapy and DIEP flap reconstruction of both breasts, which involved removing fat and skin from my abdomen to rebuild my beasts, Dulcey's work has greatly improved my mobility, range of motion and pain. She is professional, kind, and extremely knowledgeable. I am so happy that I decided to go through this journey."

--Ellen W., Project Manager

"Dulcey helped me tremendously. I arrived at the first session with one shoulder far higher than the other, endless neck and feet pain as well as pelvic issues (interstitial cystitis). Dulcey helped me slowly to integrate my parts into a greater whole and very quickly helped me to straighten my walk, reduce pain and develop a better sense of what my body is trying to communicate. I continue to be grateful for her gentle and empathetic approach to helping me visualize a greater range of flexibility in body and mind."

—Sara S., writer, artist and musician

"Wow! Now I have the walk of a much younger person."

--KH, health professional


"That was amazing! My neck feels much more open and free, and my arms are hanging easily now. And I love feeling my feet again, it's a good thing. Also, the chronic pain in my forearm from a break a long time ago is gone. Thank you!"   

--Anne W., acupuncturist

"I did the 10-series with Dulcey this fall. I’m amazed at the changes in my posture and ease of movement. Dulcey is analytical and kind and she is a very skilled body worker. I had never fully recovered from having 2 C-sections. Now my nagging shoulder and hip issues are gone and with better posture I look younger. Do a three session minimum-it’s not massage. My kids got help too!"

--Alli W., artist, dog trainer, contact dancer


"I'm feeling awakened and rejuvenated after this work, and my body feels more open to correct itself. And with the physical opening, I feel a mental opening, and realize I'm not so closed to the world as well."

--Suzanne M., K-12 teacher, hiker


"I am amazed at how thoroughly Dulcey understands and embodies the Rolfing work. I severely fractured my ankle 4 years ago, requiring 2 surgeries, and leaving lingering complications throughout my musculo-skeletal structure. Dulcey has recently worked on me and after the second session I was astonished to find how much my injured foot improved. I could stand and walk in ways I could not before despite years of previous physical therapy. I've worked with Dulcey as my patient for several years, and she is so avid in her pursuit of Health that she has chosen to make it her career and become a Rolfer. I recommend her highly."

--Charley Cropley, N.D., Boulder, CO

"Dulcey is insightful and attentive, and truly knows how to release the tension on body systems that create pain. Through the Rolfing process I've achieved improved balance; I especially notice  more natural walking with a nice easy flow side to side. Dulcey also helped reduce the chronic pain and swelling in my ankles that had been with me for a long time." 

--Roberta L., yoga teacher, retired military staff

"This work really helps ease my stiff feet and shoulders! It is also very helpful with balance."

--Ann S., former office manager, quilter

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