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Special offer:
3 sessions for $425

Rolfing structural integration has long been popular among professional athletes, dancers and some medical professionals for fast rehabilitation and enhancing balance and performance. Our holistic approach has slowly become more well-known. And I'm happy to say that in six years of practice I've worked with hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds to help them live better, move better and feel better. It’s also available to you, and can help your search for pain-free vitality and being at home in your body again,


I'm offering a special of 3 sessions for $425 to help you:

  • save on caring for your health

  • get results that last

  • relieve chronic pain

  • re-establish balance and alignment

  • improve your breathing

  • do the activities you love without pain

  • rehabilitate old or new injuries, surgeries, and postpartum

  • relieve stress that can aggravate your challenging patterns

  • set yourself up for a fruitful, active, healthy new year!


If you’d like to schedule an appointment or take advantage of this introductory special, call/text or email me to get dates and times that work for you. I look forward to connecting with you.

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